WW Smores Only 3 Points Plus Value

Using your Points Plus Value daily can be a balancing act!! I still have a HUGE sweet tooth and was very excited to find this Weight Watcher Friendly Smores while they aren’t exactly Smores they are pretty good!!! They have both the melted chocolate and the gooey marshmallows!!  I found this idea from Shawntees Meetingsfollow on Facebook in a […]

English Muffin Pizzas Weight Watcher Friendly And Great for Kids!

English Muffin Pizzas are a GREAT quick lunch for the kids and even for myself!! My kids LOVE them and we have been known to do them for dinner as well on crazy school nights!! They are also quite frugal and they are something that won’t kill my daily points allowance for Weight Watchers!  They […]

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes Collection

Weight Watchers Dessert Recipes are one of my favorites to find!!! I have a bit of a sweet tooth and have always struggled with indulging in the “better for me” treats!! This list will make it easy and there’s even recipes perfect for get togethers this weekend with family or friends for Memorial Day! Treats can make […]

Crescent Recipes Appetizers to Desserts!!

Crescent Recipes are a great way to spice up Crescent rolls!! The possibilities are endless even including desert!!  Be sure to also check out our collection of ->25 Biscuit Recipes!  These are great for quick dinners and are kid friendly!  Be sure to check out all these great recipes! The Crescent Recipes Roundup Bite Sized Apple Pie […]

25 Easy Pillsbury Biscuit Recipes

Pillsbury Biscuit Recipes are a great way to spice up normal Pillsbury biscuits to make dinner or a meal! Be sure to check out all the great recipes for a spiced up dinner and they are kid friendly!! Be sure to pin this by clicking on the picture above! 25 Pillsbury Biscuit Recipes: Cowboy Beans […]