Save Money on Medical, Dental + Vision Services with FREE Discount Plans

Saving money can be hard when it comes to medical, dental, hearing and vision services. Today I want to let you know about a site that can help you save on all of those services and more. It’s a discount card available to you for FREE, right now. All you need to do is print […]

Why Do My Clothes Smell? DIY Washing Machine Cleaner!

Why do my clothes smell?? Recently, every time I do a load of laundry, I notice a musty odor on our clothing. I have been guilty in the past of forgetting about the laundry in the machine and noticing a similar smell. A quick rewashing usually solved the problem. Not this time though. I could […]

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Save Money on Makeup ~ Shop e.l.f.

  I have a teenage daughter and sometimes I think we should have stock in all of the custom makeup companies! She has her daily beauty ritual and has a certain type of makeup she uses and favorite colors, but she isn’t real brand loyal, thank goodness. Some of the prices I have seen lately […]

HOT CVS Clearance on Fall Items 90 % OFF

43 Items – $29.14 (includes tax) – Savings $250.58!! This just started at CVS all fall merchandise 90 % off. I pass two CVS stores on my way home from work. I stopped for the Candy Canes that were FREE after ECB’s. They had a sign that said 90 % off fall & a table […]