Is Your New Home Already a Mess?

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Is Your New Home Already a Mess?


If you just recently moved into a new residence, has it already gotten the better of you?

For many individuals (and families for that matter) relocating, the plans do not always go as planned.

For starters, they may find they have too much stuff, stuff they ultimately end up not wanting to part with. As a result, they drag it to their new residence, only to become stressed over not having enough places to go with it all.

Meantime, they could have lessened the emotional load (and some back physical stress too) by simply better planning ahead of time.

If you want to avoid having your new home become a mess sooner rather than later, make sure sound planning is at the top of your to-do list once at your new residence.

Plan for a Stress-Free New Residence

So that you can enjoy your new digs without lots of stress following you around, having a solid plan in place is key.

Among four areas to focus on:

  • Storage – First and foremost, did you plan on having enough storage in your new residence, allowing you to avoid tripping all over boxes and other items? Although you undoubtedly checked out your new home prior to moving in, it isn’t always easy to tell if space will be an issue. If you’re determining that it is, storage units may be a great option. By having a storage unit nearby, you can place countless items there, allowing you more time to see what you should and shouldn’t keep. This alleviates the stress of having to clean everything out all at once, saving you some anxiety along the way. When looking at storage units, make location, security, and pricing the keys to focus on;
  • Priorities – If you have lots of possessions (furniture, dishes, paperwork etc.), make the priorities your focus. For example, someone with several sets of dishes and kitchenware doesn’t need to fill up multiple cabinets and drawers with the stuff. If you don’t want to part with all of it, this is where a storage unit can be the answer. Keep your main dishware in the home, putting the other items in storage for the time-being. The same is true of any furniture, personal files etc. that are not going to be used on a regular basis, yet are not ready to be given away or trashed.

Assistance from Others

  • Help – If you’ve moved into a new home as a family, make sure everyone does their part to keep the place looking fit. If you’ve relocated on your own, get nearby family and/or friends to assist you with getting settled. Once the movers have left, unpacking all those boxes etc. can seem more than just-time consuming. You may look around and feel a little overwhelmed before long. To avoid this, have a day (or two) where you invite family or friends over to help you unpack. Buying the beer (and some food of course) will go a long way in enticing others to help you out;
  • Cleaning – Finally, while it can be difficult to part with items over time, it is oftentimes in your best interest. Not only does this allow you to avoid a new messy home, but you could end up passing on possessions that others can truly use. For instance, do you have excess furniture that is taking up space in your new home, the garage, maybe even at the homes of family and/or friends? If so, go through it all, seeing what you truly do not need to keep. Passing along items to others will not only give you more space, but it can leave you feeling good to know you’ve helped others.

Get Off on the Right Foot

Moving into a new residence is almost always going to produce some stress and anxiety.

That said you can make the transition much easier to tolerate by simply planning things out well in advance.

If you’re settling into your new home, avoid having a mess on your hands.

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