Facebook Fanfare Spot Lights Week #3

It’s Friday, February 25th and time for the next weekend of Facebook Fanfare Fun! Last week we had 62 link ups. Help us spread the word, so we can all get lots of new facebook fans! Link up this week, follow the facebook pages in spots 1 thru 4 and your automatically entered to win an […]

Facebook Fanfare Hop Week #2 Winner – YEAH

Thanks to all 62 participants in week #2 of Facebook Fanfare Hop. Be sure to come back on Friday night to link up for week #3, make some new friends and maybe win a prize. Week #2 prize winner was A Helicopter Mom , a mommy blogger getting her feet wet in the facebook world. Check […]

All the Right Questions to Ask About Coupons – Blissfully Domestic.

New to couponing or just need some refresher tips on knowing the store policies and questions to ask to make sure you have a successful experience with your coupons. Head over to this new blog, I just discovered this morning – Blissfully Domestic. Wow, there is so much useful information all wrapped up in one […]

February Freebies For Me

Should have been posting this on a weekly basis, but have been busy all month and not keeping up with my blog posts like I ought to. That being said, here is all of the freebies, I either won or got in the mail this month, so far. Picture on Left, King Size Flannel Sheets […]

Hopping All Week Long – Come Join Me

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