Hopping All Week Long – Come Join Me

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Bargain Shopping at Dollar General with Coupons

Out of pocket cost $3.19. Could have done better had I known for sure how the coupons were going to work at Dollar General. I had $5 off Maalox and it sells for $4.50, so wasn’t sure if it would adjust down to $4.50 or take off whole $5, well lucky me, it takes off […]

Honored Guest Host of I LOVE MY ONLINE FRIENDS Monday Hop

Hello Friends, I am the honored guest host on a blog hop hosted by my online friend, Marie at The Things We Find Inside. The Monday Hop is called I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop and it’s all about having fun and making new friends. Come by and link up. And if you can, […]

Facebook Fanfare Hop Week # 2 – Link Up & You Might Win

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Facebook Fanfare Features Cents Less Deals & Musings of a Modern Mom

I am getting ready to start up week #2 of Facebook Fanfare Weekend Hop, check back for live link at 10 PM EST. The weekend is the perfect time to link up and make some new Facebook Fans. This hop is not associated or sponsored by Facebook. This week the giveaway for Facebook Fanfare is […]