Tshirtprinting.net T Shirt Review

TshirtPrinting.net sent us one of their signature Cheeky Monkey T Shirts for review. I was quite surprised when the package arrived airmail delivery. When I signed up for the review, I didn’t realize it was a UK based company and I live in the USA. No worries, though. TShirtPrinting.net ships worldwide and has lots of […]

New Customized Signature from TreaSured Creations

Designed by Hanna at TreaSured Creations , this is definitely the bargain of the month! $2 gets you a customized email signature and lots of support. What are you waiting for, go check it out! Copyright Money $aving Michele 2010 at Moneysavingmichele.com

Purex ® Complete Crystals Review and Giveaway – Softener Reinvented

Last week I received my welcome package to the Purex® Insiders. I was very excited to jump right in and start using this new fabric softener concept. I am not big on using fabric softeners in the washer, because I surely don’t have the time to run to the washer at a specified time to […]

The Clothspring: How to win at Giveaways

One of my great facebook friends Patti , has an awesome article on her blog about entering and WINNING giveaways. I love to enter, but often get confused about which I entered and forget to check who won, etc…Patti has all of that covered and more and her article. Go check it out and tell […]

Facebook Fanfare Hop Week #4 Win Giveaway Entries from Blogamajig

Copyright Money $aving Michele 2010 at Moneysavingmichele.com