Shopping for Comfy Sneakers, Clothes and More at

One thing I love about teaching preschool (besides the kids) is that I get to wear comfy jeans and comfy sneakers on a daily basis. By the end of each day, after hours on the floor; playing, painting, eating and serving breakfast, lunch, tooth brushing and more…comfy clothes and sneakers are a must. Right now, I […]

Family Friendly Frugality ~Celebrate Read Across America & Read To Your Children Everyday

Family Friendly Frugality is a blog I follow. I really enjoy her writing style and her posts are family focused and useful to me. The name of her blog, says it all! On Tuesday, Heather posted about Read Across America , which is celebrated in honor of the lated “Dr. Seuss” and reading to your […]

Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop

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Do It Yourself Auto Repair Advice and More from a Website; RepairPal

Do you have any do-it-yourself (D-I-Y) gurus in your home? In our house, my husband is the King of D-I-Y projects. I could fill pages with all of the items in our home he has repaired, renewed or replaced over 22 years of marriage. There is one area that comes to mind, that has probably […]

Crazy Dog T Shirt – Winner!

Sorry to say, I got so engulfed in planning and shopping for my Artisian Flat Bread Party, that I forgot to post the winner of the Crazy Dog T – Shirt giveaway. There were 17 entries (bummer that you couldn’t enter if you were a review/giveaway blog). Each entrant qualified for 6 entries making the total […]