A New Money Saving Find – Sending Gifts to London!

One of my friends recently moved to London, for her job. If she wanted to stay employed, she had no choice but to move to London. She’s single with no children, so there was nothing really holding her back from making such a big move. I didn’t really want to see her move so far away, […]

Planning Ahead to Make Sure College Funds are Well Spent

Now that it’s officially fall, our kids have to buckle down and get their nose in the books. We have a college junior and a high school senior in our household, so we are hitting the books on a regular basis. When my daughter went to college, she learned rather quickly that studying in college […]

Save Money on Medical, Dental + Vision Services with FREE Discount Plans

Saving money can be hard when it comes to medical, dental, hearing and vision services. Today I want to let you know about a site that can help you save on all of those services and more. It’s a discount card available to you for FREE, right now. All you need to do is print […]

Online Tools That Help You Save On Auto Insurance

In the past, if you wanted to find the best deal on auto insurance, you had to spend time making phone call after phone call and driving from one insurance company to the next requesting quotes. Thanks to the Internet, that is no longer the case. Today, you can get quotes for several different auto […]

Save Money On College Costs With Textbook Alternatives!

Wow I can not believe it is August already. Summer is flying by. Our family is full swing into back to school mode. Band camp started for my son and his first day of his senior year of high school is only a few weeks away. Our daughter is slowly gathering everything she needs and […]