5 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on a Car!

Do you have a milestone coming up in your family soon? A graduate, wedding or big move? Wow! All 3 of those will be happening to my family in the next few months. I can’t believe how fast my children have grown up. Now, all but one of them have left the nest. Our college […]

Money Saving Tips for Starting a Dress Up Trunk!

If your kids are anything like mine, costumes get worn all year long, not just at Halloween. Playing dress up is a great way for kids to learn basic skills. Buttons, zippers, ties and snaps are great for strengthening muscles and promoting fine motor skills. Dressing up like super heroes, movie characters and community workers adds […]

Paying Down Debt and Rebuilding Credit? Even on a Frugal Budget It’s Possible!

Paying Down Debt and Rebuilding Credit? Even on a Frugal Budget It’s Possible! Being a frugalista is more about being creative than it is about minimalism, denying yourself the things you want or even figuring out how to live without the things you need. This is true whether you’re redoing your kitchen or rebuilding your […]

Tips to Save on Christmas Shopping!

Free shipping can be hard to find at some of the big retail stores where the best deals can be had. I am in love with the fact I have found free shipping coupons for Best Buy!!!  The main reason I love shopping online is being able to do comparison shopping!! It is so easy […]

Declutter and Make Money!

I am on a serious clean out and purge this month. Simplifying and downsizing have been weighing heavy on me for many months, so I am going full speed ahead. I am determined to get my space back, live on less and have less stuff just sitting around. Our youngest son graduates high school in […]