Insurance Facts + $50 Gas Card Giveaway! #InsureThis? US only ends 3/31!

Insurance Facts for the Under 30 Crowd! Insurance can be a confusing mess! Mom + Dad think you should do this, your significant other wants you to do that and your friends are all doing whatever they want! Sound familiar? Making insurance decisions is not easy, but there is help available!! Insurance options don’t have […]

Does your family take vitamins or supplements?

Does your family take vitamins or supplements? I dont make New Year’s resolutions, because I don’t want to break them! But I still need to lose some weight, so I think I am going to start a new tradition, Spring Resolutions! My husband and I are on a quest to get healthier this year. We […]

Enjoy Pennsylvania Sports without the Traffic Woes!

If there is one thing Pennsylvania residents and visitors love, it is their sports. Whether it is die hard Penn State football goers populating State College on a Saturday or Philadelphia Eagles fans filing into Lincoln Financial Field on Sunday, there are many ways to enjoy a game of football or baseball throughout Pennsylvania. There are plenty […]

Saving Money on My Espresso Habit!

Everyone knows I am all about saving money! I love to pinch pennies and stretch dollars to their maximum potential. I am pretty good at sticking to the budget and having the money we need to get through each month. I do have one vice that I spend a bit too much money on and […]

Best Buy Your One Stop for Electronics Recycling!

We live in a rural area which can sometimes make recycling a chore. We diligently save our recyclables and make a once monthly trip to the big blue recycling bins that accept plastic, steel, paper and cardboard. Our county doesn’t offer any other kind of recycling at this time. I was super excited to find […]