Is it TIME for a Gift? Maybe a Watch…

Are you still looking for gifts? Is anyone you know asking Santa for a new watch? Watches are starting to take a back seat to cell phones as the time telling gadget. I still need a good watch, though. Working in preschool I have to stay on a schedule as much as possible. Looking at […]

Spot An Insanity Deal on No MORE Rack ~ NEW deals added!!

HOW TO BE READY….for No More Rack Insanity Deals Sign up HERE You MUST confirm your membership via email to ensure an active account and to allow for your FREE $10 credit off of $30 order! AFTER you confirm your membership, input code P1080 in your gift card section and then use it at checkout! New deals repost […]

Cord Blood Stem Cells Have the Power to Save Lives

      What are cord blood stem cells? Newborn stem cells can be found in cord blood and the umbilical cord itself, referred to as cord tissue. Umbilical cords  are  noncontroversial sources of valuable stem cells that are collected after the umbilical cord has been cut and removed, so no harm or pain to baby. […]

Buying Electronics For Christmas Gifts? Decide.Com can Help You SAVE. Enter to WIN KINDLE FIRE

Are you planning on purchasing and electronic devices or video games for Christmas Gifts this year? I would like to share with you a online site with a FREE app for iPhone and iPod Touch that can help you save money. can help you “decide” if you should buy now or wait for a […]

Baby Formula ~ Generic vs Name Brand ~ So Many Choices ~ Guest Post

Everyone knows that breastfeeding is best for your baby and if everything goes correctly and you don’t need herbs and pumps and gadgets to boost your supply, it is clearly the cheapest way to feed your baby. However, there are numerous instances where breastfeeding simply does not work out: babies are adopted, babies need supplementing, […]