Yesterday, my sister Jess & her 3 kids, Victoria, Christopher & Ayden arrived safe and sound in PA from their home in GA. This was the first time Victoria & Christopher got to meet their cousins Madison, Dominique & Bryce and their Aunt Holly. After supper, we embarked outdoors for some good old fashioned family […]

Farmer Dan’s Garden

After a few days of lots of rain, it has been a sunny & beautiful week in good old PA. Since Monday it has been in the low to mid 80’s with no humidity and gorgeous sunshine. Really nothing to complain about. Every year I think our family garden gets a little bigger. Dan swears […]


Today is our 21st Wedding Anniversary. Where has the time gone? I am truly blessed by God to have such a wonderful partner. Together we make a great team! We have had our shares of ups and downs, joys and sorrows, but are still going strong and very much in love with one another,today. We […]

Our Little Girl is Growing UP!

It’s hard to believe our blue eyed, bald blonde headed, brother loving,tom boy playing, school going, glasses wearing, frog loving, braces wearing, boy hating, baby girl is almost 17 years old. Now she’s a blue eyed, long hair dying,softball catching, field hockey blocking, finger nail painting, earring wearing, boy loving liking, brother protecting, cousin loving, […]

Easter Eggs with a Hair Dryer??

I know this is an out of order post, but when I was browsing my pictures & saw these I just had to post them! So for your viewing pleasure, apparently when your 12 & 13 its much easier cooler to make Easter Eggs when you put a plastic wrap around them & blow on […]