Keeping Pests Away From Your Home & Family

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Keeping Pests Away From Your Home & Family

Nothing ruins a beautiful summer day like an attack of insects. Whether it’s mosquitoes triggering a long night of swatting and scratching or a picnic overrun by ants, we always want to keep the creepy crawly critters away.

Our usual first reaction is to use repellents. Whether it’s a citronella candle to clear an area of mosquitoes or a quick spray of repellent to meet them right at the peak of their irritating behavior, it can be very effective to use some sort of product to keep bugs away from us.

In conjunction with repellents, insecticides can also be purchased over the counter for treating an entire area. These products help us to thin out the population a little and reduce the odds that we will fall victim to biting and stinging.

Many times, we can do pretty well with these two techniques. It doesn’t really seem to matter if there are bugs around as long as they stay off of us. 

The fact is that repellents just don’t always do enough. The best way to deal with bugs is to have a good repellent plan as well as utilize the best pest control sprays and treatments.

Repellents only work when you use them–and where you use them. That just makes sense, but it can be very easy to forget that not only do you need to use them while you and your family are spending time outside, you also need to provide protection to guests. When you have 20 little kids coming over for a birthday party with 30 parents, do you really want to spend the whole evening spraying everybody with insect repellent?

In addition, repellents only last so long before they must be reapplied. A long day of work in the yard will sweat the product away much faster, and it is much harder to reapply on sweaty, dirty skin. Throw in the need to use sunscreen as well and it gets even harder to get good coverage.

And of course, repellents are a real problem when you’re using that popular backyard fixture: the swimming pool. It’s tough enough to keep kids out of the water for sunscreen to dry. How will you rein them in long enough for repellent to dry…and be reapplied?

Repellent is a great solution for shorter periods of time, smaller numbers of people, and activities that don’t involve a lot of sweat and dirt. Beyond that, it’s time to think about knocking down the population of bugs so that the repellent isn’t so essential, and an exterminator can help you do that.

A good treatment by a qualified exterminator will reduce the impact of the Yard’s Most Wanted by helping with mosquitoes, ticks, and wasps. These lower populations will mean less havoc is wreaked on your family, and that your repellents should be able to keep the survivors at bay.

Another big advantage of using an exterminator is that you can have treatments made for the pests that bother our checkbooks instead of our skin. Getting a good exterminator to come in and treat for termites is the best way to reduce the chances that these home-destroying monsters will begin to devour your little castle from the inside out. The cost of replacing termite damage can be astronomical, so the exterminator is well worth it.

Bugs of all kinds aren’t called pests for nothing. They can make us miserable in our own backyards and do a lot of damage to our homes. Yes, it’s a great idea to control bugs yourself when you can, and of course you should make regular use of repellents when you’re outside for long periods. But the best control comes with a good plan to treat your home, your yard, and yourself.

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Michele is a Preschool teacher by day and blogger by night. She is passionate about saving money and sharing with others who like to save, too. Her motto is "Saving today so you can spend on what you need tomorrow."


  1. I can says that Honey Bees are not pest since I have beehive at my backyard. But that does not mean that you should let it in your home because it may cause your children to panic.
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  2. I am super scared of bugs. It good to know that I can try out a repellent. Thanks for explaining that doing that is a great short-term solution to a pest problem.

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