How To Save On Extra Curricular Activities

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how-to-save-onextra-curricular-activities1 Kids are always scrambling to take part in things like gymnastics, dance, soccer, football and more when school season rolls around. The costs of all of these added activities can quickly overwhelm you. Here are some great tips on How To Save On Extra Curricular Activities that are sure to help your budget not suffer as much this year. As parents we want our kids to have the best we can give them, but that sometimes means we are struggling to pay for sports an activity needs. These tips will help save your budget, and give your kids just what they want and need.


Shop second hand. One way to find supplies at a great price is to go to your local resale shops, thrift shops or even kids clothing resale events. Everything from equipment like uniforms, balls, instruments and more can be found at these events. Buying used is safe to do when you check to make sure products are in good clean condition. Do your research before you start shopping so you know what are good deals, as well as knowing what to watch for when it comes to safety.

Make older kids responsible for expenses. Older kids who want to take on another extra curricular activity can be responsible for part or all of the costs. If they have an after school job, they can easily afford to pay for part of their extra expense incurred from the sports team, club or event they want to take part in.

Swap with other families. Get to know the other parents of kids on the team and start a swap event with them. You can work together to share equipment and uniforms year to year to help save each other money.

Carpool with other parents. One of the bigger expenses with extra curricular activities are the countless hours driving to and from practices, events and meets. Work with the other parents on the team to carpool. Taking turns as the shuttle for kids can help everyone with expenses while giving the kids extra time to bond outside the team meetings.

You don’t have to dread the requests from your kids to take on another sport or team. These tips on how to save on extra curricular activities are sure to help you manage this year with ease. Get your kids involved and set out to save money while giving them just what they want.

How do you save on extra curricular activities?

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Michele is a Preschool teacher by day and blogger by night. She is passionate about saving money and sharing with others who like to save, too. Her motto is "Saving today so you can spend on what you need tomorrow."

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