5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Electric Bill

5 Ways to Save On Your Electric Bill

Electricity is a household bill that you can’t live without. Lights and heat have to be part of the budget, like it or not.   Instead of driving yourself crazy scraping together the funds each month, use these 5 ways to save money on your electric bill.  Practicing these tips on a consistent basis, means you are well on your way to a manageable electric bill!

Upgrade Lighting and Appliances

If you seriously want to save money on your electric bill consider upgrading light bulbs and appliances. If you are  upgrading the kitchen or need to replace a warn out appliance make sure you shop around for most energy efficient appliances. Upgrading the light bulbs throughout your home is worth the inital investment. LED and florescent light bulbs last a lot longer and use much less energy. The daylight bulbs really brighten up the house, especially on dreary days.

Save Money On Your Electric Bill


Take on a Challenge 

One great way to save some money on your electric bill is by challenging your kids and family to catch one another leaving lights on, sleeping with the television or game system on, taking extra-long showers, etc. Set up a strike system or a jar for quarters and soon everyone will be working hard to make sure that they are helping to conserve energy!

Turn it Off

Make use of timers. Your television, game systems, and other electronics will have timers for shutting off automatically. This can help you save on wasted electricity to power these items when they’re not really being used. Make sure you set up outdoor lighting with motion detectors! They will only turn on when needed and you don’t have to worry about lighting up an empty backyard in the middle of the night!

Program It

There are tons of new devices that can help you save on your electric bill! Learning thermostats, smartphone apps, and even security systems are available now that allow you to control your lights, heat, and other systems. These new technologies are great for saving money. You can program them for eco modes and they will automatically work in the most efficient way to save you money…with no effort!

Shop Around for Service Providers

Finding deals and comparing prices is a great way to save money on your electric bill. Plans, offers and energy companies change often. Be a smart consumer and,stay on top of these changes as you can likely get a better rate every few months! Residents in Ohio, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania, can choose Direct Energy as their energy provider. Direct Energy provides customers in Pennsylvania the chance to save up to 16%* over MetEd’s electricity rate, and up to 12%* over Penn Power’s electricity rate. There’s more! Save up to 10%* over Penelec’s electricity rate!

Please comment and share the ways you save money on your electricity bill. Don’t forget to visit Direct Energy to find more ways to save money on your electric bill.

*All savings refers to the current difference between Direct Energy’s fixed rate offer and the Utility’s current Fixed Rate for Basic Service as of January 8, 2016, and does not include any other component of the electricity bill. Utility rates are subject to change and there may be no savings following the respective official utility rate change date. Direct Energy’s fixed rates include electricity supply charges only and excludes delivery/transmission charges, taxes, and all other utility-related charges. Offer is limited and valid for new residential customers only.



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Michele is a Preschool teacher by day and blogger by night. She is passionate about saving money and sharing with others who like to save, too. Her motto is "Saving today so you can spend on what you need tomorrow."


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