Guest Post ~ Penny Pincher Jenny in The Kitchen ~ Stuffed Chicken Casserole

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So this recipe is a favorite of my kids and the hubby!! I am constantly asked what can you eat and most look at me like i am crazy when i say anything in moderation!! There are ways to make this recipe less points fat free cheese, fat free milk, and reduced fat campbells but I use the “regular” versions of the food!!!

1 Box Stove Top Turkey (Or Chicken)
1/4 Cup Cheese (we used to use more but cut back on it)
1 2/3 hot water1/3 Cup milk
1 Can Cream of Chicken
Shredded chicken (or turkey) this time i had 11.7 oz (Used to calculate points) I mass cook it in my crockpot and freeze for later usage

So directions for assembly!! So easy you can do it while helping homework, cleaning house, and fighting Power Rangers.

  1. Spray down your pan and place in chicken and preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. In a sepearate bowl mix together 1 2/3 cup of hot water and stove top so its moistened and let set while you assemble the rest
  3. In a seprate bowl ( i use pyrex measuring glass the big one) mix 1/3 cup milk, can of cream of chicken, and the cheese.
  4. Spread soup mixture over the chicken
  5. Spread the Stove Top over the top of the Soup mixture and chicken
  6. Bake for 15-20 minutes depending on your preferred crunchiness of the stove top

Now the fun stuff the point break down!!!

11 ounces of chicken breast 11 points
1 box of stove top 16 points
1/4 Cup of cheese 3 points
1 can cream of chicken 10 points
1/3 cup milk 1 point

Total points for the WHOLE casserole is 41 points.
6 servings = 7 points

Thanks to Penny Pincher Jenny for sharing this great recipe and posting those WWPV to keep you all on track!
Here’s a bit about Jenny. Be sure to stop by her blog and check it out!

I am a Stay at Home mom of three wonderful children!! I love my life and so have not had anything go the way I “planned” but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!! We are a mixed household my husband is from Peru so we are also bi-lingual (though my Spanish is more Dora level). We live in Tacoma, WA and have been here for a couple years!!

I have couponed for the majority of my life from high school to marriage. After I had my third and about the time the economy really hit low it was more reality I wouldn’t be working outside the home again I began to research more ways to save. Using coupons is part of the reason some months there was food on the table! Even though we are coming back up financially I still will never pay full price ever again!!

The past six months I have really learned how to save in different ways from online shopping, vacation deals, online rewards, and now owning a house. (Yes that was a scary adventure but so far worth it!!)

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Michele is a Preschool teacher by day and blogger by night. She is passionate about saving money and sharing with others who like to save, too. Her motto is "Saving today so you can spend on what you need tomorrow."


  1. Nicole Strunk says:

    This looks so good and easy! Pinned it! Thank you.

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